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Do you need to sort out your office, home, or gardenshed? Too many papers to know whether you should keep them or not?
I can assist you in working through all your superfluous documents, items, tools, materials to see what is essential and what can go!
Any one-off tasks indoor or outdoor will be undertaken! Just let me know and I will give you a quote.
At £10 per hour, I will give guidance and support in clearing unsorted areas.
If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact me.



Construction and planting of raised vegetable bed.

P-01 P-2
  P-3 P-5

Assignment 2b:

Relocation of original raised bed.


Assignment 3:

Restoration of a Patio area in a local garden. From the starting condition to completion. Tasks include:

  1. Removal of both Couch grass and brambles, to create a camomile/thyme lawn: Most of the couch grass removed. Compost and Top-soil increased, with Camomile and Thyme planted! The other main couch grass area, near the belfast sink planters, has been stripped away. this has exposed an area which could be planted with rockery plants like Saxifrage.
  2. Complete row of belfast sink planters, and replant them: Sinks all in place, with first one planted. Plants to be sorted for remaining.
  3. Create new planters out of industrial metal containers: Main container converted, with compost added, ready to have a Rosemary bush and Nasturtiums planted.
  4. Instalation of climber at the porch door: Hardy Wisteria planted!